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Hi, My name is Janine and...


Since I can remember I’ve had a great love and passion for babies. I am fascinated with babies…their smell…their curiosity…their trust… their development and their potential.


I first trained as a BabyGym instructor in 2005 and since then I have qualified as an Infant Massage instructor as well as a Pikanini Play & Learn instructor. All of these course aid and assist parents with early childhood development.


My story really starts in 2005  when I married my husband, Jacques – my love, best friend and my biggest supporter.  We immediately wanted to start with a family, but after several years had to hear that the only way I would fall pregnant was with medical intervention. My heart’s desire was to fall pregnant without any medical interventions. We prayed for a miracle. After only a few months our prayers were answered – we were blessed with our miracle baby. Our baby boy, Dian, was born at home in water with the assistance

of a midwife. Since then, my life has not been the same. I have learned how precious time is and how quickly our babies grow up. I have learnt to pause and just take in every priceless moment. I have come to understand that there is a certain level of mess and upheaval that comes with every baby, and this is what makes our house a home. Dishes and laundry can wait for tomorrow but family time is a treasure to be savoured. Being a mom has taught me to love sticky hands in my hair, it has taught me to be strong and brave when my baby needs it and it has given me a capacity for unconditional love.


Swopping a corporate career for my passion, Tiny Blessings was born. This was an opportunity for me to pursue my dream. I have worked with more than 100 babies & families since 2005.


I have seen the difference that correct stimulation can make, firsthand, and I am committed to helping other parents and caregivers equip themselves to unearth all the potential and possibilities that their Tiny Blessings hold! I believe that it is my purpose and calling to help other parents be the best they can be!


Together we Love, Learn, Discover & Grow…