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Infant Massage


Discover the joy and benefits of Baby Massage……………


The interaction between parent and child though Infant Massage is the most important foundation upon which a child

learns about the self and how to trust and respect other people. Touch is as important as food for health mental and physical

development. Massage provides attentive, pleasurable touch that can promote your baby’s well-being while increasing your

ability to respond to his or her needs.


Bonding, that unique and close attachment between you and your child, is enhanced with the observant and sensitive care of massage. The elements of bonding are inherent in infant massage: eye contact, skin contact, smiles, soothing sounds, smell and loving communication. Responding to your baby’s smile, frowns and squirms in this comforting way can reinforce the trust between the two of you, a trust which can provide the foundation of your relationship for years to come.


For Fathers, massage offers a special opportunity to develop ease and intimacy with their children. This holds true for grandparents or other primary caregivers whishing to develop closeness with babies in their care and to help them thrive.


Research has shown………... Children and infants who were massaged showed improved sleeping patterns, diminished anxious behaviour and significant reduced stress indicators such as heart rate and stress hormone levels. Premature babies who were regularly massaged gained weight faster, performed better on developmental tasks, acquired mental and motor skills earlier and were more relaxed than non massaged babies. Early touch also benefited the developing nervous systems of these infants. Infants who received extra touch developed visual attentiveness earlier than babies who didn’t. Visually impaired babies whose parents applied the various skills of massage were often able to reach toward sounds sooner than other babies.


The art of Infant Massage is essential for First Time Parents. Being parents for the first time can be a dramatic adjustment in their normal life style. Massage can help parents handle these changes in more effective ways, resulting in a strong relationship between parent and child. The infant experiences the parents’ positive feelings, and this has a positive effect on the emotional development of the child. Through the art of touch, parents can learn: to communicate, support, love and understand their child. The child internalises this support that he/she is getting through massage, which then leads to a more emotionally balanced and grounded child.


If you are the parent of a baby with Special Needs, your child may communicate his/her needs differently to other babies. Giving a focussed massage allows you to learn more about your baby’s unique signals. Massage may also help your baby cope with the physical stresses or disabilities he/she may have to live with.


For Sick Infants, massage relieves tension and pain, helping these babies shift their attention from physical discomfort to pleasurable experience. Their weight gain also increases with daily massage.


Benefits include


On an emotional level:

• Provides interaction and communication

• Lays the foundation for a warm and positive relationship

• Depends bonding

• Benefits those giving the massage too

• Baby feels comforted, loved and reassured


On a Physical level:

• Deep relaxation

• Lowers stress hormones

• Stimulates all the systems of the body

• Encourages healthy growth

• Increases resistance against disease

• Aids digestion

• Promotes sleep

• Improves circulation and muscle tone

• Encourages deep breathing

• Helps to relieve colic and fussiness

• Reduces complications and increases weight gain in premature babies

• Beneficial for babies with special needs as well as healthy babies

• Massage can be adapted for tiny babies and older children

• Any many more………


What you will take home

• Course manual covering every aspect of the course

• High quality natural massage oil

• Laminated card to help you remember the massage routine

• Certificate on completion


The Gift of Infant Massage……… The brief time we have with our children is precious.

Learning to massage your baby is an enjoyable way to enhance your infant’s development, deepen loving communication between you and your child and provide an opportunity for you and your baby to develop a relationship built on LOVE that will last a lifetime.


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Instructor Certified by the International Association of Infant Massage South Africa



Contact us to register for your Infant massage class with Janine.

Duration: 4 weeks